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Be Prepared with a Generac Generator

Your Local Generac Generator Provider When a big storm hits and leaves your home without power, it’s very inconvenient. With Generac generators, your home will be protected and ready when your electrical system fails. Advent Heat, Air & Plumbing is an official Generac dealer carrying a full line of home back-up generators. Generac generators run […]

Oklahoma’s Guide to Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather

As Oklahomans prepare for the winter months, the unpredictability of Oklahoma’s weather can leave homeowners unsure as to the best course of action when preparing their homes for colder temps. We reached out to Gary McManus, Oklahoma’s State Climatologist, for his opinion on Oklahoma’s upcoming winter season. “The influence of the strong El Niño in […]

Winter is Coming. Is Your HVAC System Ready?

With the shift in temperatures the fall season introduces, proper maintenance of home heating and air conditioning systems becomes a concern for homeowners. In Oklahoma, odds are most HVAC systems have been exclusively set to “cool” since the early spring months, meaning a dramatic shift in how residential systems will soon operate as the outdoor […]

Preventing and Fixing Frozen Pipes

Since Halloween is just a few weeks away, how about sharing a scary story? It’s late, and you’re returning from a night of costume parties and candy-collecting. Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather has taken a chilly turn, and you’re eager to get inside your home. You open the door to a slick, wet floor… Frozen, burst pipes […]