Ruining Your Plumbing: Did That Just Go In My Toilet?

Let’s be honest: plumbing isn’t exactly the most glamorous job in the world. Unclogging a toilet can’t be at the top of anyone’s “want to do” list, but it’s a lot more fun when the plumber is finding some sort of treasure on the other end. Too many times house calls have been made due to someone’s own negligence. “I wasn’t paying attention,” “It just fell right in,” etc. So, what are some things that plumbers get to dive for? DIY Life wondered the same thing, so they reached out to Roto-Rooters spokesman Paul Abrams to get the dirty details. Here is a list of some common and uncommon items that tend to keep showing up in the toilet.

Cell Phone

iPhone in toiletHow many times have you been in the restroom and so focused on a text message or checking your Facebook that you forget what you’re actually supposed to be focusing on? Maybe your phone just slipped out of your hand, or maybe you were resting your phone on the back of the toilet and it just happened to fall right in because you weren’t paying close enough attention? Regardless, this happens a lot. Just keep that phone in your pocket!


engagement ringsJewelry, especially rings, seems to be commonly found in toilets, as well. This makes less sense to me than cell phones. Why isn’t your ring on your finger while you’re in the restroom? If you’re taking it off and fumbling with it, why are you doing so over the toilet? If you’ve taken it off and put it on the counter, how does it go from the counter to the toilet? So many questions.


hammer and nailsFact: nails are really hard to hold on to. If you’re doing some hammering around your toilet, you have to make sure your seat is down because all bets are off; that nail could go anywhere!

Okay, these are all pretty common, so let’s venture into uncharted territory. Be brave and take my hand; we’re going down these pipes together.

Alarm Clock

alarm clock next to bedOkay, it’s not that I’m questioning Roto-Rooter’s spokesman or anything, but how does this exactly happen? As you can see in the picture, an alarm clock is normally placed on a bed-side table; it shouldn’t be near a toilet…ever. The only thing I can imagine goes like this: alarm clock goes off; person gets irrationally angry; grabs the alarm clock; marches triumphantly to the restroom and throws the alarm clock in the toilet; lays back down in bed; wins at life.

Civil War Era Cannon Shell

cannon shellsThis isn’t a joke; these things have truly been found in toilets, and they will most certainly have an effect on your plumbing. What these shells are doing in a bathroom are beyond me. Seems odd that someone would keep a Civil War artifact case above their toilet, but to each their own!

Groucho Marx Halloween Mask

Groucho Marx Halloween costumeSome people just really prefer Harpo.

If you’re having any sort of plumbing difficulty, don’t hesitate to call us. We will offer free estimations for any plumbing damage! No matter what you accidentally throw in the toilet, we promise we will not pass any judgment!