Git-Air-Dun: Redneck Air Conditioning

If you’ve lived in Oklahoma most of your life, you might have been accused of being a redneck.  Some of you already own up to the title.  You might even have the farmer’s tan (and red neck) to prove it. But just because you might make your living by the sweat of your brow doesn’t mean you want to live in that sweat all day.  When you get home from work, you want an efficient air conditioner that will help keep you cool, physically and financially. A simple tune-up on your HVAC unit could save you from getting a hot head when you’re at home, but what’s going to save you when you’re not?

You didn’t work hard developing your tan lines just to see them fade away by staying inside all summer long.

Beat the heat by trying one of these nifty redneck inventions:

Redneck Air Conditioning

If you’re tired of strapping your box fan to your freezer, it might be time to get a tune-up. As-is, you’re powering two appliances and your popsicles keep melting. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

redneck air conditioning

This method is more efficient than leaving the freezer door open, but you’re going to be spending most of your time making ice cubes.

redneck air conditioner

If you want to get a little more hi-tech, you could grab some copper tubing and spin it into a coil.  Run cooled water through that, place it in front of air flow, and you’ve got yourself a redneck cooling system. Actually, this is pretty good work; have you ever thought of a career in HVAC?

redneck air conditioner

Having hot flashes at the office? Tie as many frozen items as possible onto your fan and get back to work!

redneck air conditioner

You may not be as fancy as TV celebrities and their methods of air conditioning.

redneck air conditioner

These guys are just plain cool.

If these ideas just aren’t doing it for you, you know what you need to do. Get your AC tune-up today!