How to Keep Warm All Winter Without Breaking Your Budget

With the roughest winter in years upon us, you may be more than ready to crank up the heat inside. After all, layering sweatpants, blankets, and cuddling up in your bed is only plausible for a few days at best. When you’ve caught up on Netflix and have to venture out into the freezing world, avoid cranking up the temperature on your heater. Instead, we’ve compiled a list to help keep you warm all winter long without draining out your savings on high utility bills:

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  • Eat. When bears hibernate, they make sure they have a full belly before settling down—so why should you be any different? Filling up on carbs and starches will make your stomach happy and add an extra layer in between your bones and the freezing cold. Since you won’t be exercising as much anyway, it’s the perfect way out: no more guilty feelings following holiday meals! For an extra incentive—use your oven: it’s more energy efficient in the winter time.
  • Humidity is your new best friend, since it holds warmth in the air. Hooking up a humidifier in your home will allow the air to become warmer—and stay that way—instead of cranking up the heat. Not to mention the moisture in the air will help protect your skin and hair against any damage. As an extra layer of protection, layer on some lotion: it traps the moisture in your skin instead of letting it evaporate. Not only will your skin be smooth and healthy, but you’ll also be warmer!
  • Insulate. A surprising amount of heat may be escaping your home through the cracks around your windows and doors, but you don’t have to let it go. Insulation films, sealants, and even draft snakes can be all that’s standing in between you and a few extra degrees. Of course, you can always go the extra mile and invest in thermal windows as well.
  • Little things like heating a water bottle or taking a bath versus a shower can also help keep you warm. Use those socks grandma gave you for Christmas to add an extra layer to your outfit, and don’t be afraid to share blankets. Candles and lamps are also great to use, since they emit both heat and light. Whatever you have to do, stay warm!

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It’s easy to get down during the winter: the bitter cold has you stuck inside, and even then you’re still shivering. You can only layer so much before you start to feel like Randy from A Christmas Story, and the last thing you want to do is try venturing outside. Instead of wishing you were warmer, employ a few of these tips to save you on your utility bill.

As an added measure of protection, don’t forget to keep up maintenance on your heater. While thermal windows and draft snakes can help keep the heat inside, they can’t do their job if your heater breaks down on you. If you need help keeping warm this season, feel free to give us a call. Until then, don’t let the winter blues get to you!