Seal and Insulate Your Windows

Insulate Your Windows

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It’s getting a little cooler outside and before you know it, we’ll be using our fireplaces and cranking up the heat to stay warm. To be as cozy as possible, it’s important to make sure there isn’t a way for the cool air to come into your home. If there are some cracks in your windows the cool air will leak in and make it harder to stay warm.

How do you know there’s a leak?

To tell if your window is leaking, hold up a piece of toilet paper along the perimeter of the window and see if it starts moving. If you have a leak in your window, here are some ways to seal and insulate your windows:

  • Weather Stripping: Go to your local home improvement¬†store and select from different types of weatherstripping from foam tape, felt and v-channel.
  • Shades and Drapes: Using shades and drapes will cover the window and save energy and money.
  • Window Insulation Film: You can buy window insulation kits online to use on your interior windows.

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