Holiday Electrical Tips

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Holiday Electrical Tips

The holiday season is almost here and everyone is starting to decorate their house with festive lights and decorations. While you are decorating, it is important to be careful with how you are plugging in lights and lead cords.

Here are some things you should check out before using your lights:

  • Check lights for broken sockets, loose connections or frayed wires
  • Lights should have Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) label
  • Unplug tree lights and decorative outdoor lightening before leaving the house or going to bed
  • Check for flame resistant artificial tree
  • Buy LED lights are longer lasting and not hot to the touch
  • Don’t overload outlets or extensions
  • Uncoil extension cords completely¬†before use
  • Never place cords under doors or carpets

If you’re ever having electrical trouble this holiday season, Advent is here! Call 405-281-5841 or visit www.adventheatairandplumbing.com

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