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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Risks

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Know the Risks Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the greatest in home dangers. It is caused by appliances that use a natural gas such as water heaters, stoves and gas furnaces. It is potentially fatal and occurs when your breath in carbon monoxide. You can’t smell it, see it or taste it, […]

Common Furnace Problems

Don’t Experience Common Furnace Problems When the weather is getting cooler, it’s time for a maintenance check on your furnace. Not only will your home be at a nice temperature, but you’ll have the reassurance that it will stay that way with a maintenance check. By skipping out on a maintenance check, there are a […]

Furnace Tune-Up: Why it’s Important

Time for a Furnace Tune-Up Now that we’re getting closer to the cooler months, it’s time to start thinking about getting a furnace tune-up. You might be thinking “But if there was nothing wrong with it before, why should I get it checked now?” Well, making sure your furnace is working properly before using it […]

Oklahoma’s Guide to Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather

As Oklahomans prepare for the winter months, the unpredictability of Oklahoma’s weather can leave homeowners unsure as to the best course of action when preparing their homes for colder temps. We reached out to Gary McManus, Oklahoma’s State Climatologist, for his opinion on Oklahoma’s upcoming winter season. “The influence of the strong El Niño in […]

HVAC Fall Tune-Up: Breathe Easy & Save Money

  With Oklahoma’s extremely hot and extremely cold weather, you’re left with little time between seasons to give your HVAC unit a checkup.  Following a few maintenance tips during the fall season can save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill as well as help you maintain your health. For other money-saving ideas, check […]

Winter is Coming. Is Your HVAC System Ready?

With the shift in temperatures the fall season introduces, proper maintenance of home heating and air conditioning systems becomes a concern for homeowners. In Oklahoma, odds are most HVAC systems have been exclusively set to “cool” since the early spring months, meaning a dramatic shift in how residential systems will soon operate as the outdoor […]

Heating Repairs for the Furnace and the Water Heater

According to the Weather Channel, Oklahoma’s average low in October is right around 52 degrees Fahrenheit: that’s no time for cold showers or cool interior temperatures. Your furnace and hot water heater are two important fixtures in your home it can be easy to forget about, until they stop working. Instead of waiting for them […]

Warm & Cozy: Types of House Heating Systems

With football back on television and children back in school, it’s hard to deny that its autumn and winter is just around the corner.  Winter coats and hot chocolate may not be on your mind just yet, but with Oklahoma’s history of harsh weather, it probably won’t be long. Whether you’re building your home or […]