Fix Your Dishwasher: Plumbing with Advent

Know when you need to fix your dishwasher.

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Let’s be real, a dishwasher is one of the best appliances in the house. Not having to hand wash dishes is AMAZING! But what happens when you notice something wrong with your dishwasher? There may be some easy fixes that will keep your dishes clean.

Dishwashers are made to not leak water. If you notice any water pooling around your dishwasher, it could be from one of these three places:
  • Near the door of the dishwasher – The rubber gasket may have torn, causing water to leak out.
  • From the pipes – The pipes could be loose or cracked.
  • Underneath the dishwasher – These leaks could come from the water inlet, the drain or the seal around the pump.

Other things can go wrong with your dishwasher as well.

What if the dishwasher won’t wash the dishes?
  • The float switch is broken
  • There’s a problem with the water supply
  • The door sensor is broken

We know you want your dishwasher to always work. Advent has knowledgeable technicians that can provide the maintenance you need. Visit www.adventheatairandplumbing.com or call (405) 281-5841to schedule maintenance today!


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