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Leave the Electrical Problems to Us!

Electrical Problems Electricity is something we have the privilege of using every day. From the moment you wake up and turn on the bedroom light to falling asleep while the TV is on, we have become accustomed to using it throughout our entire day. So when you’re having electrical problems and something stops working it can […]

Holiday Electrical Tips

Holiday Electrical Tips The holiday season is almost here and everyone is starting to decorate their house with festive lights and decorations. While you are decorating, it is important to be careful with how you are plugging in lights and lead cords. Here are some things you should check out before using your lights: Check […]

Be Prepared with a Generac Generator

Your Local Generac Generator Provider When a big storm hits and leaves your home without power, it’s very inconvenient. With Generac generators, your home will be protected and ready when your electrical system fails. Advent Heat, Air & Plumbing is an official Generac dealer carrying a full line of home back-up generators. Generac generators run […]

4 Reasons to Get An Electrical Inspection

  Electricity is one of our most important resources. We use it every single day whether it be for our car, businesses, phone or of course in our homes. Because of its importance, we want to make sure our electricity is working in our homes. When you purchase a resale home This is an important part […]

When to Call an Electrician: Safety Tips for Your Home

Some electrical problems are an easy DIY fix, but other problems require a professional to get involved. Electrical issues are also the number one cause for household fires, so these issues need to be taken seriously. Here are some simple electrical safety tips that you can follow to maintain the safety of your house. Light […]