Common Plumbing Problems: What Your Plumber Needs You to STOP Doing

If you want something done right, you need to do it yourself…except this one time

Ghostbusters suit not necessary

Ghostbusters suit not necessary

There isn’t anything else quite as satisfying as taking care of something yourself, especially when you thought the task was beyond your skill level. Whether it be changing a flat tire or cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, some things are simply better when you do it yourself. Except for plumbing; according to plumbers everywhere, there are a few things you really should just stop doing yourself:

  • Stop reaching for the Drano.

Despite having good intentions, your efforts to unclog your drains are probably destined to backfire. The harsh chemicals are dangerous for you to handle, and have the potential to ruin pipes and plumbing equipment if not handled properly. Finally, chemicals alone rarely completely unclog your drain—resulting in your drain clogging faster next time. Put down the Drano and the hanger, and back away!

  • It doesn’t actually go to the sea.

While you might choose to think anything you flush—goldfish or otherwise—eventually finds its way to the sea, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Since there aren’t any oceans in Oklahoma, everything is finding its way to your septic tank system. Don’t trust everything you see that’s labeled “flushable:” feminine products, cat litter, and anything else that isn’t toilet paper is potentially harmful to your system.

  • Fresh to death…literally.

We love clean smells as much as the next person, but drop-in toilet fresheners can be a little overkill. Although the blue tint it adds to your water and clean aroma it brings to the air are nothing short of delightful, it can also be wreaking havoc on your toilet tank. Chemicals can wear out the parts inside the tank, and disintegrating tablets can get stuck in the flush valve. If you aren’t sure about your freshener, just ask us!

common plumbing problems

  • It isn’t called the “Terminator” for a good reason.

While your garbage disposal may seem invincible to you, there are some things that just weren’t in its job description. Grease, hard-fiber foods like celery, and rough products like corn cobs are just a little more than your disposal should have to handle. Only put in small amounts of garbage at a time, and be sure to ease the process by simultaneously running cool water.

  • Just a little TLC goes a long way.

Replacing hoses and regular check-ups can seem like a lot of hassle for little results, but it could also be the difference between a dry house and one standing in a large puddle of water. Regular maintenance—replacing hoses, testing water pressure, updating plumbing according to regulations—can be all you need to do to prevent a huge headache of home repair madness later.

  • If you don’t know, don’t touch it.

Those seven words were the runner-up to becoming “The Golden Rule,” if you didn’t know. Especially with home systems like electrical or plumbing, it’s certainly made of gold: whether it’s creating a leak-protection system or finding the emergency shut-off valve, sometimes it’s better to let the professionals handle this.

While unclogging a drain seems simple enough, we didn’t go to school for nothing. Instead of compromising your plumbing systems with harsh chemicals or products, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about what is safe, as well as show you the proper methods to doing a few minor plumbing repairs on your own.

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