Common Plumbing Myths: What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

You’ve heard the horror stories of snakes crawling into your toilet, but there’s no way that can happen here…right?

plumbing myths

Among the joy of owning your own home and picking out paint colors, the strange and horrifying realization of being your own maintenance man may have eluded you. Once it does hit, you begin to look at everything differently: what do you know about plumbing? Suddenly you feel like you’re living inside a live bomb, just waiting for it to explode.

But it doesn’t have to feel like that. Instead of waiting for the problem to happen, why not have a crash course in plumbing? With a little knowledge, you just may be able to relieve a few of your fears and keep the problem from occurring in the first place. Because, let’s face it, as much as you love us the last thing you want is another plumbing bill to unclog your drain.

  • Cleaning your garbage disposal should consist of ice cubes and cleaner—not lemons. The citric acid, while it may smell nice, is also going to corrode the metal of your disposal which will render it useless in a few months.
  • In-tank toilet cleaners will also break your toilet. If you’re trying to combat a smell or just keep it clean, use vinegar.  Although you may have had the best intentions with your cleaners, that won’t stop a flood: be careful what you’re applying to your plumbing.
  • Pipes that drain aren’t always unclogged: back-up can occur at any time. Instead of getting to the point where even the strongest cleaners aren’t working, take care of your pipes with regular maintenance.
  • Soap doesn’t clean your sinks, it damages them. Use proper cleaner made for bathroom fixtures to prevent corrosion. When in doubt, talk it out with a professional.
  • User manuals really do contain important information. Read each manual at least twice to fully understand the product or fixture before tinkering around with your plumbing. After all, you are trying to avoid seeing us, right?
  • All plumbers are created equal—not. Like any other profession, it’s in your best interest to do a little research with the state boards and the Better Business Bureau to make sure your plumber is one of the best.

plumbing myths

  • Pipes really are a gateway to the outside world—and they’re a two-way street. Although it’s less common for snakes and other critters to use our plumbing than it would be in third world countries, it can happen, especially when it’s cold outside. Rest easy though—this isn’t a common problem in Oklahoma.
  • Showering in a thunderstorm could end poorly: if lightning strikes exterior plumbing, it can travel all the way through your pipes and water system directly to you. However, the more common use of PVC pipe in modern plumbing has all but eliminated this risk. If you’re uncertain what your pipes are made of, you can ask us or just wait out the storm.

You don’t have to navigate owning your own home alone: let us help! Especially with plumbing, it can be a terrifying adventure when you aren’t sure that what you’re doing is right. Trust us–it’s easier to give us a call before the problem starts than it is in three feet of flood water from a burst pipe.