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Green Plumbing

Kermit the Frog had it right when he said, “It isn’t easy being green.” While it may seem simple, and definitely desirable, to change a lifestyle to positively impact the environment, it takes work. Little habits like changing light bulbs and switching when electricity is used are great changes, but there’s always more to be […]

Plumbing: Leak Detection

A wet spot, a high water bill, a constant drip: the clues are there. Now you just need to determine the location of the crime and which pipe has betrayed you. A leaking plumbing system is nothing but trouble; likely, you’re more than ready to call your local plumber and have him do the work […]

Ways to Conserve Energy at Home

Whether you’re motivated to have a green home or simply by the green it can put back in your wallet, it doesn’t have to be hard to conserve energy at home. Everything from lighting to cooling can be altered to make your home more energy and cost efficient without requiring hours’ worth of work. If […]

Vintage or Antique Plumbing

Plumbing has come a long way since its inception in 4,000 B.C., and aren’t we all glad? Instead of using the aqueducts and outhouses of our ancestors, we get to enjoy long, hot showers and the convenience of modern toilets. But what if your dream house has the old bones of ancient plumbing? There is […]

The Cost of a New Unit: Replacing Your AC

Whether from age or being overworked, your air conditioning unit has quit, leaving you stranded in the middle of an Oklahoma summer. Or perhaps it hasn’t quit, but it doesn’t quite work like it used to: you’re hot, you’re cranky, and you can’t take this heat anymore. Before you flip the table in anger, remember […]

The Best Home Air Filters: Decisions, Decisions

With pollen, particulates, second-hand smoke, and other dangerous pollutants that inhabit the outside air, sensitive individuals know they need to keep an eye on pollution levels and avoid the outdoors when the air quality is poor. People tend to be less conscious of their indoor quality, though, assuming inside is cleaner than outside when the […]

Earth or Bust: Facts on Air Pollution

The topic of pollution is not a new one: having generated talk for decades, it’s often blamed as contributing to global warming. You may think of ominous grey clouds floating over large cities, or maybe garbage spills in the ocean; and you may choose to combat this by driving a low-emission car and cutting the […]

Common Plumbing Problems

Your pipes become clogged, you dropped your ring down the drain, or maybe even it’s your toilet that refuses to flush. Whatever the reason, you may have a plumber on speed dial. Instead of getting to know your plumber on a first-name basis for problems with easy solutions, save yourself time (and money!) by learning […]

Six Energy Efficency Steps to Savings

Combating the Oklahoma heat can certainly take a toll on your budget this season; the Center for Resource Conservation estimating that the United States alone consumes more than 25 percent of the world’s energy sources. Don’t lose hope and resign yourself to sweating it out–if you own a window air conditioning unit or run central […]