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Seal and Insulate Your Windows

Insulate Your Windows It’s getting a little cooler outside and before you know it, we’ll be using our fireplaces and cranking up the heat to stay warm. To be as cozy as possible, it’s important to make sure there isn’t a way for the cool air to come into your home. If there are some […]

Leaves Blocking Your Furnace

Leaves Blocking Your Furnace Fall has arrived! The leaves are changing colors and the weather is cooler. It’s time to start using your furnaces to stay warm and we want to make sure they work. With the leaves falling on the ground, they could get stuck in the furnace. This will cause the air flow […]

Common Furnace Problems

Don’t Experience Common Furnace Problems When the weather is getting cooler, it’s time for a maintenance check on your furnace. Not only will your home be at a nice temperature, but you’ll have the reassurance that it will stay that way with a maintenance check. By skipping out on a maintenance check, there are a […]

Fix Your Dishwasher: Plumbing with Advent

Know when you need to fix your dishwasher. Let’s be real, a dishwasher is one of the best appliances in the house. Not having to hand wash dishes is AMAZING! But what happens when you notice something wrong with your dishwasher? There may be some easy fixes that will keep your dishes clean. Dishwashers are made […]

A Clean AC Matters

A Clean AC Matters We all want our AC units to work to the best of its ability. There are steps you can take to make sure your home will stay cool, and an important one is to make sure your AC unit is clean. Now, of course, you should check your air filter. Your […]

Be Prepared with a Generac Generator

Your Local Generac Generator Provider When a big storm hits and leaves your home without power, it’s very inconvenient. With Generac generators, your home will be protected and ready when your electrical system fails. Advent Heat, Air & Plumbing is an official Generac dealer carrying a full line of home back-up generators. Generac generators run […]

Five-Star Reviews From Our Customers

We see a lot of five-star reviews from our customers. Here at Advent, we strive to make our customer’s experience with us exceptional because our customers deserve the best. With 24/7 service we will always be there for your heating, air, plumbing, and electric needs! Here are some five-star reviews from our customers: “Courteous and fixed everything […]

Furnace Tune-Up: Why it’s Important

Time for a Furnace Tune-Up Now that we’re getting closer to the cooler months, it’s time to start thinking about getting a furnace tune-up. You might be thinking “But if there was nothing wrong with it before, why should I get it checked now?” Well, making sure your furnace is working properly before using it […]

Air Conditioning: Expectations vs. Reality

Having air conditioning is a wonderful luxury to have in our homes. Our expectation is that our system will always work and keep us cool with no issues. Unfortunately, that is not the reality when it comes to our air conditioning units. Our AC systems need a tune-up or maintenance every so often to ensure […]

Pick Advent

Why Pick Advent? Our customers could give you numerous reasons to pick Advent. We strive to provide the best service and treat our customers with respect and efficiency. “We trust Advent for all of our plumbing and heating and air problems.” – Gary W. “Very personable and did their job well.” – Gladys B. “Good […]