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Why Advent?

Why Advent Heat, Air & Plumbing? Why Advent? As your local heat, air, plumbing & electrical company, we strive to deliver outstanding service. Our customers agree that Advent Heat, Air & Plumbing’s exceptional customer service and quality work is what makes them choose us every time. Here are some comments from our customers: “We appreciate […]

Oklahoma’s Guide to Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather

As Oklahomans prepare for the winter months, the unpredictability of Oklahoma’s weather can leave homeowners unsure as to the best course of action when preparing their homes for colder temps. We reached out to Gary McManus, Oklahoma’s State Climatologist, for his opinion on Oklahoma’s upcoming winter season. “The influence of the strong El Niño in […]

HVAC Fall Tune-Up: Breathe Easy & Save Money

  With Oklahoma’s extremely hot and extremely cold weather, you’re left with little time between seasons to give your HVAC unit a checkup.  Following a few maintenance tips during the fall season can save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill as well as help you maintain your health. For other money-saving ideas, check […]

Celebrating the Life of Officer Ajo

Ajo is not your average dog – he is a hometown hero. This four-legged friend served with the Harrah Police Department by conducting drug busts, helping recover missing persons and many times, being one of the first responders to any officer who needed him. This seriously devoted canine officer even risked his life jumping out […]

When to Call an Electrician: Safety Tips for Your Home

Some electrical problems are an easy DIY fix, but other problems require a professional to get involved. Electrical issues are also the number one cause for household fires, so these issues need to be taken seriously. Here are some simple electrical safety tips that you can follow to maintain the safety of your house. Light […]

Winter is Coming. Is Your HVAC System Ready?

With the shift in temperatures the fall season introduces, proper maintenance of home heating and air conditioning systems becomes a concern for homeowners. In Oklahoma, odds are most HVAC systems have been exclusively set to “cool” since the early spring months, meaning a dramatic shift in how residential systems will soon operate as the outdoor […]