Why you should hire a full service HVAC company

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Your HVAC system is a vital ‘organ’ within your home. Keeping you cozy warm in the winter and perfectly cool in the summer without making a sound. At least that’s how it should be.

Today’s HVAC units are high tech systems that require skill and expertise to be properly maintained and serviced.

So who are you going to call when your HVAC system breaks down or simply needs a tune up? It better be somebody who knows his stuff. It’s about more than knowing the wiring within the air conditioning unit; you want a contractor who understands how heating, cooling, electrical and even plumbing all interact. That know-how could save you money in energy costs; protect your home, and your family’s health. Here is why:

A full service company understands your home, not just your heater

If your HVAC system is the heart and lungs of your home, then the ducts, wiring and plumbing are its arteries. It’s all interconnected and a full service company understands how. Somebody just specializing in air conditioning services may know the technology of the unit as well as our specialists at Advent Heating & Air, but our guys know how to optimize your units to interact with other systems in your home, and they are trained to spot underlying problems that may cause your HVAC system to act up.

Better trained technicians

A company that offers more than just HVAC service generally means serious business. Our technicians are better trained and we invest time in keeping up with technical education so they can serve you better. Hiring an HVAC contractor with demonstrated ability means you can be sure the professional you hire will have the proper tools and equipment for your job and that he will be able to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time. At a minimum, you should look for an HVAC contractor certified by the manufacturers of the equipment they use.

One-stop shopping for all your maintenance needs

Most full service companies will offer preventative maintenance plans. This is especially important for business owners who rely on their systems operating like clockwork, but also for the average homeowner who wants her systems to last. Annual or semi-annual tune-ups and spot checks for your heating and cooling systems will ensure the equipment runs at an optimal level. A full service HVAC company can also help you with other maintenance needs that may arise, such as making sure septic and plumbing systems are working properly and that all wiring and ductwork are in perfect condition.

Better prices

A larger, more established company can often offer better prices as they are better connected with vendors and usually buy higher volume. This savings are then passed on to you.

Better brands

To be an authorized dealer of many major brands, a company must prove that they are worthy to represent the company. Advent Heating & Air is an authorized dealer for Lennox, RUUD and American Standard. An Authorized dealer means that the brands believe that this well-established HVAC Company is equipped to represent their brand well.

Check qualifications and insurance

If you hire a full-service company – no matter if it is for HVAC services, plumbing, electric or another line of service, you always want to make sure that they are licensed, bonded and insured. Many states require contractors meet minimum training levels to be licensed to work in on your home. The State of Oklahoma does not require a license for general contractors. But make sure that your contractor has the proper credentials, especially when it comes to plumbing and electrical.

You can also make sure that your contractor has been accredited by a trade or professional organization. Advent Heating & Air has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma, underscoring that our company subscribes to the highest level of heat and air conditioning quality and service. Of course, make sure to check reviews.

Find a full-service company that treats your home like it was theirs

Without a doubt, your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. If you hire a contractor, you do it to maintain and protect your investment. And that’s why you want a full service company that cares as much about your home as you do, and has the qualifications to make the repairs that last.

To learn more about how Advent Heating & Air can keep your home’s internal organs running smoothly, call us at 405-281-5841.