Tim the Tool ManTaylor’s Guide:Outdoor Home Maintenance

Keeping up with the maintenance on the exterior of your home is necessary to prolong the life of one of the biggest investments you have ever made. There are so many different annual upkeeps to do; you could drive yourself crazy trying to keep track of them.

You may remember the TV show Home Improvement with Tim Allen. He portrayed family man Tim Taylor – a know-it-all on the subject of DIY projects around the home. The comical part of the show was when he tried a project and always had a “turn the light on” moment when he found out he did not know as much as he thought he did. He always had his friends Mr. Wilson and Al to help him along the way and eventually things would work out by the end of each episode.

Tim Taylor knew some of what he needed to know to get the project done, but others on the show had the other pieces of the puzzle. Even if you have been doing home projects for years, we all need a little help in remembering all that you need to do in getting those annual spring maintenance projects completed.

We put together a checklist from our friends (local home service experts) and Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor wisdom so you can grin as you work, all the while helping you with the annual maintenance that needs to be done on your home. Just like Tim Taylor, you will be grunting in no time.

What time is it? Tool time!

Outdoor Home Maintenance Checklist:











“Send your letters to Al that’s Al ‘I take my job seriously’ Borland….”


____Check and replace your air conditioning filters every three months
____Have a HVAC expert come and inspect the duct work and freon levels
____Shut off the power to your condenser (if unsure where power switch is located, check your owner’s manual)
____Use a vacuum to get rid of any debris and use a soft brush to gently clean the fins for smaller dirt
____Check to see if the ports need to be lubricated and be sure to consult your manual for the right type to add
____Clean out the drainage hole on your unit by using a paper clip to poke through to be sure it’s clear
____Remove any loose leaves from the sides and tops of your outside unit
____Wash the exterior unit off with a hose and wipe off with little bit of soap and water, removing any excess dirt (clean your outdoor unit on a day where it is at least 60 degrees)
___Restart your condenser











“It’s a little weak here, you might want to avoid this area. For now, we’ll just hop over these to a safer area.”


____ Wash possible mildew and mold off your roof to avoid foul odors or other potential health issues.
____Inspect your shingles by looking from the ground up to make sure none are loose, broken, or bent.

____Make sure your roof is free of fallen debris that can puncture its foundation such as branches or leaves











“Al, I think we both learned an important lesson today. Never slam the casement window shut until your co-worker has completely removed his head.”

WINDOW MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST: photo from Marco Window Cleaning Services

____Be sure to inspect around your windows and doors for secure weather stripping or to see if you need to add caulking
____ Clear your window sills and moving parts of all dirt and debris. Debris like sand, dirt or leaves can get caught in windowsills and moving parts of windows or doors. Clean these areas with a dry paintbrush to create a tighter seal and enhance window and door performance
____Call a professional window expert to help you determine if your windows are ready for the summer











“My wife drools in her sleep. And I’m not talking about a little puddle, I’m talking about, ‘Hook up the hose, let’s water the lawn. Man the lifeboats,’ she’s drooling!”


___Clean out debris from your gutter
___Flush your gutters and check for leaks
___ Reseal any endcaps or joints that are leaking

Here is more Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor quotes. You’re welcome! Check out the printable PDF version of this checklist.