HVAC Fall Tune-Up: Breathe Easy & Save Money



With Oklahoma’s extremely hot and extremely cold weather, you’re left with little time between seasons to give your HVAC unit a checkup.  Following a few maintenance tips during the fall season can save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill as well as help you maintain your health. For other money-saving ideas, check out the tips on myenergy.com.

3 DIY Maintenance Tips for Fall

  • Change your air filter every three months: Regularly changing your filter keeps your system from over-working.
  • Be sure the heat switch is in the on position: This may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people just turn up the temperature and without switching from the A/C function to the heat function.
  • Clean your unit: Dust off the outside of your furnace. This will help debris from collecting inside the unit.

Fall tune-up benefits

Breathe easy and stay safe: Your HVAC contractor’s job is to make sure your unit is clean on the inside to prevent it from negatively affecting the air quality inside your home. You will notice that once your unit is cleaned, any stuffiness in your home subsides.  An HVAC inspection also helps detect and prevent carbon monoxide leaks. In addition to getting your unit looked at, we recommend you install a carbon monoxide detector and change out the batteries once a year. Carbon monoxide leaks are extremely dangerous: taking simple precautions can save a life.

Keep the benefits that are a part of your warranty: If you skip your annual inspection on your HVAC unit, be aware that many warranty companies will void the warranty and won’t cover repairs. 40% of all heating system breakdowns that happen during the winter are due to poor maintenance.

Increase efficiency and savings: Making sure your system is running at peak performance is not only important for the health of your system but also for your pocketbook. Based on an Energy Star report, HVAC costs add up to 46% of your home’s total utility bill.

Aside from these fall tune-up benefits, you can rest assured having your unit inspected annually can lower your chances of having to invest in inconvenient frequent repairs. Give your HVAC contractor a call to get yours inspected today for only $49.95.