Oklahoma Energy Tax Credits Available to Homeowners

Energy Efficiency Savings Vacation

Make your Home More Energy Efficient and Save Over $4,000

What would you do if you got a check for over $4,000 this year because you made your home more energy efficient?

Being a homeowner can have its disadvantages and advantages financially. When tax season arrives it literally pays to be aware of all of the ways to earn credits and invest back into your home.

When you open your mailbox and pull out your check, this year, you would be able to give the travel agent a call and start planning your family vacation.  I’m sure you can see it is more than worthwhile to consider investing in your home during the year, so that when tax time rolls around, you can use your earnings to take that much needed break with those you love.

Some Ways to Invest Back into Your Home That will Pay Off Are:

Save over $500 on your electric bill

OG&E Smart Hours supplies you with a complimentary smart temp thermometer and home efficiency kit that includes a weatherstrip, caulk, an LED light bulb and more. The plan offers you almost half-price electricity for 19 hours a day.

Savings: up to 30% off your bill

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Replace your heat pump and get up to $700 back

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative offers rebates to homeowners who purchase air-source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and water heaters.

Savings: air-source heat pumps $175-$325 in rebates and geothermal heat pumps receive savings from $400- $700.

Receive These Rebates

Energy efficient renovations that pay almost $3,000 in rebates   

The Public Service Company of Oklahoma provides rebates for HVAC equipment but the client first has to schedule and execute an energy audit on their homes.

Savings: Insulation replacement up to: $1,600,Heat and air renovations up to: $1,325 9 (to qualify for a rebate, you must be an OEC member or a contractor building service to an OEC account)

Receive These Rebates

Get up to $500 in tax credits

You may be eligible to get a energy efficient tax credit if you made energy efficient upgrades to your home such as storm doors, energy efficient windows, insulation and air conditioning/heating systems.

There are several other resources for credits and rebate programs in Oklahoma. Some that we recommend are Dsire and Energy Star.

Even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime soon; when you do the necessary upgrades and take advantage of the Oklahoma Energy Tax Credits Available to Homeowners, you will surely reap the benefits.