Celebrating the Life of Officer Ajo

Canine Officer Ajo

Ajo is not your average dog – he is a hometown hero.

This four-legged friend served with the Harrah Police Department by conducting drug busts, helping recover missing persons and many times, being one of the first responders to any officer who needed him. This seriously devoted canine officer even risked his life jumping out of a helicopter to assist the police on assignment.

After a long life of service Officer Ajo has passed away. To honor his life, the Harrah Police Department held a memorial service September 4th, 2015.

Ajo not only served his fellow officers but he served his community as well.

During his time in the force, he visited the children in neighborhood schools to educate them on drug prevention.

After faithfully serving the police department for many years, it was time for Ajo to retire. As a German Shepherd, he was born for adventure. Even after his retirement, he did not understand why he couldn’t just jump in the police car and go his next adventure.

Several of the staff at Advent Heat and Air staff served along side Ajo at the local police department.

“We would have to take him on a ride often just so he thought he was working,” said an Officer, who also served with Ajo and also works for Advent Heat & Air.

Officer Ajo Playing with Toys

Ajo’s Family Life

Aside from being dedicated to his community, he was loved and a faithful companion to his family.

What did Ajo love to do?

He loved catching tennis balls and Kong toys. When threw it high in the air, he would jump and catch it in midair. We also would hide the ball in the least likely places and within minutes, he would bring it to us. He loved to play and do tricks to get some peanut butter.

What is a memorable family story about Ajo?

We will remember him playing catch with his police partners and my kids.  We will also remember him playing at the lake with his doggie friend Ivan. They were really funny together.

What did Ajo hate?

Baths! One thing he did not like was the water.

Officer Ajo's Birthday Party

Everywhere Ajo went he left memorable footprints of his compassion and service that will be remembered for generations to come.

There are so many things about him we will all love and miss greatly. We are all blessed to have served alongside of such a great canine officer.

“Every once in a while a dog walks into your life and changes everything,” said his owners.

The team at Advent Heat & Air will always cherish this dutiful officer as the communities best friend.