Blocked Air Vents and Other Overlooked Air Conditioning Problems

If there’s anything worse than a hot Oklahoma summer, it’s suffering through an Oklahoma summer without any air conditioning. You’re hot, you’re cranky, and you just want your air conditioning to work; but after checking the Freon levels and the temperature settings, your HVAC unit isn’t cooperating. Before you decide moving to a cooler climate is the best course of action, let us help:

Potential Problems with your Air Conditioning Unit:

Unfortunately, a HVAC unit is a large system that results in a lot of potential problems you’ll need to check for. While some may require a professional to fix, attempting to at least locate the problem on your own saves you time and get you back in the air conditioned air faster:

man sweating from broken air conditioning

  • They’re simple, but we have to say them: make sure the AC unit is on and set to cool. Check the temperature you have it set on—if it isn’t lower than the current room temperature, the system won’t turn on anyway. If your power recently went out, you may also check the breaker to ensure everything is turned on properly. Just as an added precaution, you might try resetting everything before calling a professional.
  • If everything appears alright on the inside, check outside. The outside unit may appear to be nothing more than a giant box, but it’s a giant box that’s relatively simple. You’ll want to make sure the pump is working. While you’re out there, check to see if the coils are damaged or extremely dirty. If cleaning is the issue, you’ll want to hose down the unit and try again.
  • A few final touches may have slipped your mind: are the vents in the room closed? Additionally, if windows are open or a humidifier is on, your house will have trouble cooling itself.
  • Sometimes, it isn’t that easy. More serious problems include bad valves, duct leak, low-charges, or even poor insulation. Your unit may also need a tune-up, to help it return to its former glory.

One of the most common problems with air conditioning units that won’t quite cool is also one of the most overlooked: clogged vents and dirty filters. Out of sight, out of mind is certainly an applicable theory, but not one that is going to keep your air working properly. While some debris may find their way down into your air system through wind, some may be pushed into vents on accident through small children or pets.

Toy recovered from blocking air vent in home

So what exactly is down in your vents? Here’s a short list of things that have been found in air ducts and vents:

  • The usual allergens, dust, hair, and—in some cases, mold—are frequently blown into vents and ducts simply through the passage of air picking up debris and carrying it back.
  • Toys—from books and train sets to baseballs and doggy toys—can easily be dropped down a duct or a vent by small children or pets.
  • Rodents will love to seek out the cooler climate in the summer, and the warmer climate in the winter. To prevent them from staking out your air system as a new home, you’ll want to invest in repellent as well as ensure everything is sealed properly.

Whether it’s from construction on your home or simply a windy day, debris is going to find its way into your air system. To ensure your air conditioning system—and your lungs—aren’t suffering, you’ll want to clean your vents regularly and contact us about a routine check-up for your system!

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